Book trailers are getting as elaborate as movie promos, and like a well-crafted horror film, this intense promo will have fans of “The Walking Dead” begging for more. Both book and blurb are gravely entertaining takes on a genre that refuses to stay buried.” —VARIETY

The ultimate chronicle of cinema’s most terrifying zombie classics, packed with long-forgotten gems, and the exhilarating story of how filmmakers collectively spawned a genre that never dies.” —SAM RAIMI

Ozzy helped maintain the attention to detail and concept throughout the entire production of the film (Green Lantern) with DC Entertainment. His dedication and passion for the source material helped insure the accuracy throughout the production…Fanboys everywhere should thank him for that forever. I do.” —GEOFF JOHNS, Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment

The production designer (Grant Major) relied on the film’s researcher and resident comic book expert, Ozzy Inguanzo, who compiled everything the filmmakers would need to know to design the film.  “It was critical to have someone on our team who was aware of everything Green Lantern, and Ozzy was terrific from the word ‘go,’” Major says.” —GL PRODUCTION NOTES, Warner Bros.

Green Lantern director Martin Campbell challenged his production team to create a realistic, plausible (but fun) film. ‘Martin’s mandate was ‘There has to be a logic to the world that we create,” explained Ozzy Inguanzo, researcher for Green Lantern. ‘We talked a lot about trying to bring the logic to the magic.’ ” —UNDER THE MICROSCOPE: GREEN LANTERN, Science & Entertainment Exchange

Inguanzo has been involved with the movie’s development since its birth, giving him an in-depth look and unique point of view. In the book, he showcases all that went into the making of the film, including conceptual illustrations, costume designs, sketches, storyboards, and behind-the-scenes photos.” —SOC NEWS, University of Miami 

Ozzy Inguanzo, animatic artist Anthony Zierhut, and director Sam Raimi discussing storyboards on the set of Spider-Man 2.” —CAUGHT IN THE WEB: DREAMING UP THE WORLD OF SPIDER-MAN 2, Ballantine Books


Photo by Melissa Moseley