Book trailers are getting as elaborate as movie promos, and like a well-crafted horror film, this intense promo will have fans of “The Walking Dead” begging for more. Both book and blurb are gravely entertaining takes on a genre that refuses to stay buried.” —Pat Saperstein, Variety


The ultimate chronicle of cinema’s most terrifying zombie classics, packed with long-forgotten gems, and the exhilarating story of how filmmakers collectively spawned a genre that never dies.” —Sam Raimi

Beautifully put together, the book is also quite comprehensive. If you or someone you know loves all things zombie, this book is a must-have…Ozzy Inguanzo’s style makes the book easy and enjoyable to read while providing great information about zombie cinema.” —Adam Adair, Project-Nerd

Author Ozzy Inguanzo has compiled a very impressive look at zombies in the movies, and the result is an excellent guide even the heartiest of dead-fans will want to own. I’ve reviewed many zombie film companions over the years, but this is by far one of the best.” —Matthew Scott Baker, Shattered Ravings


A wonderful and nearly exhaustive history of the zombie film genre… Extensively illustrated with film stills, classic posters, and production photos, this book is a visual smorgasbord for horror fans for its images alone, though Inguanzo’s researched history makes it far more than that. This book is not to be missed for any fan of horror movies, and is also a worthwhile read for fans of film history and appreciation in general.” —David N., Fourth & Sycamore

Ozzy Inguanzo has constructed a damn fine coffee-table book…[Inguanzo] is a fine host to time-machine readers through Hollywood’s long fascination with these invaders from the grave.” —Rod Lott, Bookgasm





Constructing Green Lantern does just that – or actually, the reverse: It deconstructs the new Martin Campbell film by showing both meticulously and spectacularly how it was made.” —Peter Gutierrez, Graphic Novel Reporter

It focuses on every crucial decision the production made along the way, from what specific comics would be used as script inspiration… to how they designed every aspect of the Green Lantern Corps and their thousands of alien members. As far as these making-of books go, CGL is actually one of the most comprehensive that I’ve seen…What makes it a fascinating read is its ability to transcend just the fanbase.” —Peter Hall,

Books like these can run the risk of becoming boring technical retellings, but Constructing avoids that problem…It’s Inguanzo’s emphasis on story that makes Constructing a book you can actually sit down and read.” —Greg Baldino, Bleeding Cool

Green Lantern ‘making of’ book is causing my brain to fry.” —Harry Knowles, Aint it Cool News


★★★★★ Highly recommended.” —Parka, Parka Blogs

Constructing Green Lantern isn’t the first type of this book to be produced. But it is perhaps the most cohesive and coherent offering of its sort.” —Robert Tacopina, Comics Bulletin

Author Inguanzo…didn’t get the memo about writing fluffy movie tie-in books and actually wrote a detailed and intelligent production memoir. I have no idea if the film will be any good, but this book is excellent.” —Jerry Beck, Cartoon Brew

Handsomely produced.” —Hugh Hart’s ’10 Books That Will Fry Your Mind This Summer,’ Wired

…The best making of art book of a movie I’ve seen in years. —Jordan Hoffman,

TOMAS MILIAN: ACTING ON INSTINCT (Documentary film, Grindhouse Releasing, 2013)



A precursor to modern actors like Johnny Depp who use free improvisation and unusual inspirations to create the characters they become.  Milian is very much an unsung hero of his generation’s cinema that needs more appreciation.  Thanks to this release, fans can see him talk about his life as an actor, the special points of view on his art with the same heartfelt exuberance he brought to all his films.” —Pete R.,

A fairly expansive chat that has him talking about his early days at The Actor’s Studio in NYC… interesting detail on his instinctive, emotion-driven approach to acting.  It’s a delight to watch because Milian is as uncompromising and witty as his performances are.” —Schlockmania

A blunt and honest interview… With clips and stories from all over his filmography, this sit-down with Milian feels very autobiographical and will delight his longtime fans.” —John Carpenter, Theater Thoughts

Fascinating…Makes it clear that this is a man who has attained great respect in the international film industry.” —Lee Pfieffer, CinemaRetro