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OZZY INGUANZO is an author and filmmaker whose professional experience spans all facets of moviemaking, from development and production through post-production and marketing. He co-wrote the story for a feature film reinvention of ZORRO, which was acquired by 20th Century Fox. He is currently a consultant on the studio’s feature films THE DEEP BLUE GOODBYE with Christian Bale, and the upcoming LOGAN, starring Hugh Jackman.


Ozzy’s storytelling skills and experience have enabled him to collaborate with a stable of proven filmmakers including Sam Raimi, James Mangold, Alvin Sargent, Laura Ziskin, Donald De Line, and Geoff Johns. And on films such as THE PATRIOT (2000), Sam Raimi’s SPIDER-MAN trilogy, GREEN LANTERN (2011), OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (2013), and THE WOLVERINE (2013). His documentary TOMAS MILIAN: ACTING ON INSTINCT (2013) was produced by Academy Award winner Bob Murawski and is featured on Columbia Pictures’s newly restored release of the Spaghetti Western cult classic THE BIG GUNDOWN (1966).

Raised in South Florida’s eclectic multi-cultural community, Ozzy grew up listening to harrowing tales of exile and political intrigue, stories and colorful characters that continue to inspire his writing and visual style. He is the author of “Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen” (DC Comics/Universe, 2011) and ”Zombies on Film: The Definitive Story of Undead Cinema” (Rizzoli/Universe 2014), which Variety called “gravely entertaining”.